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On this day 41 years ago I wiggled my toes for the last time

While writing BWB I discovered how much I benefited from the process. So I’ve continued to frequently write. Most the time it is just for me but occasionally for Linda and other friends. Writing helps me think. It helps me recognize when I’m wrong. It helps me understand what I believe. Revisiting things I’ve written yesterday or even several years back has taught me how easily I deceive myself.  It’s frightening how you can have […]

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New Year New Blog Post

I am trying out the new blog feature on the website.

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34 Years on a Roll

I wasn’t going to mention “The Anniversary” to anyone but Linda. I was hoping no one would remember. But from the moment I rolled out of the house, there have been fresh reminders of so many blessings that it would be sinful for me to keep my mouth shut. Since publishing the book Linda and I have had some amazing experiences. Some were absolutely brutal and others have been blessings beyond reasonableness.  I’m not sure […]

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Olive Branch man recounts long, inspirational journey back from accident » The Commercial Appeal

Scott Coleman figured he had a story to tell. The longer he lived, the more the story took Coleman out of his comfort zone as a successful financial advisor with a loving wife and a comfortable home adjacent to the 18th green at an Olive Branch golf course. On a warm June day in 1980, Coleman, who was 17 at the time, broke his neck in a skiing accident at Sardis Lake, an accident that […]

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Slow Enough to Notice Each Other and Our Blessings

Scott Coleman, author of Best When Broken

I do not have the ability to hurry. I have come to appreciate this as a blessing. It is much easier to recognize and appreciate things at ten miles an hour than it is at ninety miles an hour! I love the experience of either gazing while thinking about something or listening to someone when my wholeperception suddenly changes. It’s very similar to the puzzles we had as children—the longer we looked, the more things we recognized. The quickest way to […]

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Pity Parties and Focus

Meet Scott Coleman

I’ve wasted many moments worrying about things that never came to pass, and even more moments throwing pity parties for myself celebrating all the things I could NOT do. What a waste! Approximately one year after my accident I hit rock bottom spiritually and emotionally. I was a senior in high school and was horrified by my prospects. I was so prideful that I would roll through the day with a fake smile on my face, but as […]

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Wilderness Moments

There is a passage in the Bible where Jesus invites some of his friends to “come into the wilderness and rest a while.” Before I became a quadriplegic I just assumed Jesus really enjoyed fishing, hunting and climbing trees. (Give me a break… I was a child when I broke my neck. 🙂 In recent years that particular verse has taken on so much more meaning for me, my family and my friends. I’ve lost the ability to […]

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Broken Ain’t Bad a/k/a The Upside of Down

32 years ago at the age of 17, I took my last steps and have since lived life as a quadriplegic. James Taylor wrote, “every now and then the things I lean on lose their meaning, and I find myself careening, into places that I should not let me go…”. It is such a “noisy” world, and I frequently forget how blessed I am. I frequently forget all of those wonderful blessings that I “lean on”, and I […]

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